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About ivisa

*We do not want to hide from you that we get a small commission from ivisa per order. However, we would like to mention that we only work with companies whose services we stand behind and which we have tested ourselves. So if you want to support us, we would be happy if you apply for your visa via one of the links on this page. We will tell you about our experience with ivisa here.

ivisa is a provider that can take care of your visa application, among other things. The principle is quite simple: you choose your nationality and your destination and ivisa spits out directly to what extent it can assist you. In the following we have compiled our experiences with Ivisa. We have now used the service of ivisa a few times and are thrilled. Our experiences with ivisa are good, which is why we are happy to recommend the service and have entered into a partnership. Our opinion is also shared by tens of thousands of trustpilot users, who rate ivisa’s service with 4.4/5 stars.

Cost of ivisa’s service

The costs for a visa applied for via ivisa are of course higher than directly via the embassy – but it simply saves time and often also nerves. Depending on which service you choose, you pay a fee of +/- $ 20-30 for the application (there are certainly also cheaper/ more expensive ones – it depends on the duration/type of visa). A surcharge, which we are now willing to pay, because we also simply feel safer to pay via a modern website. The express services cost again between $ 20-50 on top but are of course optional.

Apply for a visa via ivisa

Everyone knows the stress with the entry requirements and the sometimes very unsafe sites of various governments to apply for visa. You often don’t want to enter your credit card data because the websites don’t leave a really serious impression. And hand on heart, how often has it happened to you that you have painstakingly entered all the data and then the site hangs or refreshes and everything is deleted? Ivisa is a bit more expensive but much easier to handle. So we already have some worries less because we know that it works.

Secure payment:

ivisa advertises absolute data security, which is particularly important with regard to payment by credit card. In addition, the payment information is only transmitted to ivisa and not to the respective government sites.

Easiest handling

Hast this happened to you too? You apply for your visa and manually type in all your data and ask yourself “what’s it to you” after half of the questions? The application process is intuitive and only the required info is asked. The instructions are clear and the application is usually 100% online and usually takes less than 5 minutes.


We have already used the service a few times and were very satisfied every time, because the visas were always ready in time. A counter shows you the remaining days after which you will receive your visa at the latest. In addition, you can check the status and you will also be informed by mail about status changes. Ivisa itself advertises a reliability rate of 99% – a very high value, which unfortunately cannot be confirmed. But we have not heard anything to the contrary so far.

Priority Services

For an additional surcharge, ivisa offers rush orders to get the visa faster than the specified processing time. If you are late, you have to pay, that’s just the way it is. Fortunately, there is this possibility and you still have the chance to use your flight. Compared to a flight rebooking, the additional costs are marginal.

Repeating orders

Once you have entered your data, you can use it to apply for other visas and do not have to enter it again and again. This can save you valuable time. Even if you want to apply for several visas at once, you save a lot of time, because you can do everything in one and do not have to fill out a separate form for each traveler.

Cost trap

In some reviews we have read that ivisa offers certain services for a fee that are actually free of charge. So you should check beforehand whether it is really worth paying for it or if you can simply do it yourself quickly and without any costs. We noticed that during the application for a visa, the express service was selected at the end, although we did not want it. Consequently we had to deselect it manually.

Annoying e-mails

We felt it was almost spam how many times we were contacted by ivisa once we cancelled the application process as we decided otherwise.

Advantages/disadvantages of our experience with ivisa in a nutshell

Simple and interactive application process

More costly

Secure payment and reliable

Mail spam when process is cancelled

Updates on the status of the application

Priority services for particularly urgent matters


Good and reliable service that can be extremely helpful with some visa applications and save a lot of hassle and frustration.

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