You like our adventure blog and want to work with us? That makes us happy of course! We are open for various possibilities of cooperation. Since we run this blog as a hobby, we are not dependent on partnerships and reserve the right to refuse unsuitable requests. As with any healthy cooperation, it is important to us that both parties benefit from it and not only YOU. On our site you won’t find any Amazon or booking links, because we prefer to support the accommodations, retailers and guides directly. Therefore, you will usually find the phone number to contact the accommodation or guide directly, if we can recommend them.

What types of collaboration do we consider? is a blog that is mainly aimed at adventurers, backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. The topics of sustainability and quality play a major role. Therefore, your request should also fit our blog, otherwise it is relatively little purposeful for both parties. Good outdoor equipment, exciting accommodations or exciting tours (those that you can not simply do on your own) are always welcome. Here we have summarized how cooperations could look like:

  • Advertorials on our blog with linking
  • Affiliate partnerships only for perfectly matching products
  • Placement of advertising banners (on CPM or CPC basis)
  • Test reports: Authenticity is in the foreground.
  • Paid trips and tours for authentic testimonials
  • General sponsoring (logo of sponsor with link in footer)
  • Press reports (e.g. world trip during or after Covid)

You have another idea how we could work well together? Then just talk to us about it and we will surely find a way! Here is an example of one of our collaborations.

What we don’t want

Nothing against luxury hotels, guided tours, bowl restaurants in Bali and mass tourism travel agencies, but that just doesn’t suit us. These are cooperations that are out of the question for us:

  • Amazon- or Bookinglinks
  • Hotel chains
  • Round trips
  • Mass tourism tours

You want to work with us? Then just send us a message to We’ll get back to you – we promise!

About Us

We are Julian & Naomi and we love to travel the world and immerse ourselves in other cultures. We have an adventurous, spartan, sustainable and reflective travel style. In our opinion, the greatest adventures are experienced when you do things on your own and try to live like a local. The taste of a country is best captured on the road
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