Rainbow Mountain Peru – 7 colored mountain at over 5,000 m

Rainbow Mountain Peru

One of Peru’s main attractions is Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain) near the popular city of Cusco, from where countless day trips depart daily. The mountain is located at almost 5,200 m.a.s.l. and is in a spectacular setting. Behind it rises the Ausangate with its almost 6,400 m, directly next to it is the no less spectacular Red Valley. The Red Valley also attracts far fewer visitors. Although the tour is booked daily by hundreds of people, I would visit Rainbow Mountain again next time – that’s how much I liked the landscape. Sufficient acclimatization before setting out for Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley is elementary.

View into the Red Valley

Why does the Vinicuna shine in rainbow colors?

Before I set off for Rainbow Mountain (Naomi was unfortunately flat due to food poisoning in Cusco), I was of course familiar with the saturation- and contrast-maximized Instagram pictures. I was honestly prepared for disappointment, but it completely failed to materialize. The colors of the mountain are actually really rich and intense. In fact, from a distance, it looks a bit like someone laid different colored carpets across the mountain one after the other. Each of the colors is created in different ways. In the following I have collected the origin of the different colors:

Red tones -> Iron oxide pigments
Pink tones -> Oxidized manganese
Yellow tones -> sulfur and sulfur compounds
Blue-green tones -> reaction of copper, water and oxygen
Black tones -> granite deposits

Rainbow Mountain with tour or on your own?

As always, we actually try to do everything on our own. At Rainbow Mountain we have to say that it just wouldn’t have been worth it for me, because the journey alone would have been much more expensive.

How does the tour to Rainbow Mountain work?

In the morning at 5:00 am you will be picked up at your accommodation in Cusco for the two hour drive to the start of the short hike. On the way there is a delicious breakfast buffet with plenty of choice before it goes to the starting point. There follows a short briefing and a time is called, at which one meets again at the parking lot. That you are of course not alone, should be clear to everyone who goes to Rainbow Mountain. The mountain is very easy to reach and one of the most popular highlights of the country. The ascent takes (depending on fitness and acclimatization) about 1 to 2 hours. We were relatively quickly at the top, took a few photos and then moved on to Red Valley, where there are significantly fewer tourists. The biggest crowd is of course in front of Rainbow Mountain, because of course you were only really there if you have exactly the same Instagram photo as everyone else ;-). At best still with 2 baby alpacas under your arm…. We were around 17-18 clock back in Cusco.

Blick auf Ausangate
View of the Ausangate

How much does the tour to Rainbow Mountain cost?

The tour costs just under €25 (105 sol) for a day trip including admission, transportation, breakfast and lunch per person. The prices can vary greatly depending on the provider and included services. In the price are also the additional fees for the viewpoints of the Red Valley. Especially the food has surprised very positively, as there is a large buffet with plenty of choice.

Acclimatization before the tour to Rainbow Mountain

Since you are going up to more than 5,000 m, it is imperative to acclimatize sufficiently in advance. We recommend spending a few days in Cusco beforehand. Before going to Rainbow Mountain, for example, the Sacred Valley is a good option, which can be done in 2 days, and the exploration of the city itself, which also has a lot to offer. Also, the day trip is an ideal acclimatization walk if you want to do the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu afterwards.

When is the best time of the year to visit Rainbow Mountain?

Rainbow Mountain can be visited all year round. After heavy rains, which are particularly frequent in the months of December to February, the colors are said to be less vibrant. Likewise, of course, it is not recommended to visit the mountain in the snow, because the colors are then logically hidden under a blanket of snow.

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