Collapsible cooking pot X-Set by Sea to Summit in test – Our experience report

*Disclaimer: We receive a small commission for the sale through Bergfreunde. We have already extensively tested both our partner and the foldable cooking set and report our own experiences with it.

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite gadgets. Anyone who has ever made a long hike in the mountains will know the problem. Especially in the evening hours and in the morning you need a warm meal, a tea or a coffee. There are camping dishes in all imaginable designs but what about pots? Here, both the volume and the weight play a decisive role. But how cool is it that there is a cooking set including foldable silicone pot, foldable beverage cups and bowls/plates! Here in this testimonial we would like to introduce you to the Sea to Summit X-Set outdoor cookware. We have had the set mainly in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia in use and were thrilled throughout.

Pack size and weight outdoor foldable cooking pot:

As mentioned earlier, the weight and pack size of your gear is one of the most important features when planning a longer trip. We knew foldable cups, Tupperware and plates, but always dragged a pot with us, which was not only unwieldy but also heavy. The foldable cooking pot including “dishes” is about the size of a frisbee and weighs just shy of 600g.

Variants of the Sea to Summit X-Set:

The X-Set from Sea to Summit comes in different versions. The biggest difference is the capacity of the foldable cooking pot and the included dishes. We got us two the set with the 2.8 L pot and 2 bowls and as many cups. It really was a perfect fit.

Application of the collapsible set

Since the pot is made of silicone on the sidewalls and metal on the bottom, the pot should not be used for frying or the like, as this can damage it, especially if the hot oil splashes against the silicone sidewalls. We mainly boiled water in it and were impressed with how fast it went. The foldable mugs have a very pleasant capacity of more than 0.5 L. So put the water on, boil it briefly, pour some off into the mugs (for tea) and put pasta in the pot for cooking, for example. The only real drawback we can think of is that the silicone becomes relatively greasy if you do not clean it thoroughly with detergent.

  • Small pack size & weight
  • Best suited for cooking water and not frying
  • Complete-Set (only cutlery needed)
  • pricy
  • Water boils quickly
  • Should be cleaned with rinse aid.


In summary, the Summit-X set is best suited for all people who value a small pack size and are several days on the road.

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